QuartzSource offers:

  • Private Labeled slabs to Create Your Own Exclusive Quartz Brand
  • Low Cost Color Matched Quartz Alternatives for Winning Competitive Commercial Bids
  • Digitally Processed Custom Cut to Order Quartz components in Matching or Custom Colors 

QuartzSource slabs are made of pure natural quartz, pigments and resin binder. The formula is 93% quartz, 7% resin, pigment, compaction and pressure, heat and polishing. Our Jumbo size slabs are 126” x 63” x 1.125” (~3cm) and 126” x 63” x .75” (~2cm) or 55.125 square feet of “guaranteed” polished surface.

The actual slabs measure 127.5” x 64.5”. These extra few inches of length and width add up to 2 square feet of polished slab material. That little extra can be a game changer on some jobs and its free. QuartzSource slabs are available by the full container and are shipped from our factory directly to your door. We handle the shipping, customs and delivery for one fixed price. No hidden charges or fees.

Each container holds 56 3cm slabs, 84 2cm slabs or a combination of 3cm and 2cm slabs.  In most cases up to 4 different colors can be evenly split within a single container order.  50 4″ x 4″ samples per color ordered are included free of charge in the container.

Bundles, individual slabs and samples are available on a custom order basis. Please contact us for more details.