As seen on DIY Network’s The William Shatner Project, the Shatners’ beautiful Studio City, CA residence now accurately reflects the couple’s love for Mediterranean style after extensive renovations. The walls separating the kitchen from the dining room, left, and the living room, right. were opened to create a better flow and more modern feel. The kitchen was entirely renovated, with a large, single island replacing the two outdated islands, with custom lights created by project designer Jinnie Choi, new cabinets, GE appliances, and two custom kennels and a prep area dedicated to the Shatners’ beloved dogs.

What makes QuartzSource different?

Traditional Quartz manufacturer/suppliers promote and market their own Brand Named Quartz and expect or demand their fabricator customers to help in these efforts.  No doubt building a well known quartz brand  helps sell products and increases the value to the owner of that brand name.  But does it help the fabricator differentiate his/her own business  from all the other shops promoting that same brand named quartz?  Does it help the fabricator offer something unique or stand out from the crowd?  Does it allow the fabricator freedom to grow and adapt to market conditions the fabricator recognizes best in his/her own region?

At QuartzSource we serve the fabricator in a different way.  QuartzSource does not expect you to promote our brand name, instead, we encourage and facilitate Private Labeling to Create Your Own unique regional Quartz Brand. You choose the brand name, the logo, and create a color pallet you know will be good sellers.  When you own the brand your territory can never be diluted or withdrawn by your supplier.  The equity you build into your brand is never lost if you switch suppliers.  You decide how to grow and adapt the brand over time as market conditions change and as you see fit.  Fabricators know the local market better than anyone.  We believe product positioning, choice of downstream partners and routes to market are decisions best made by you, the fabricator.  We are here to help when you want help and otherwise to stay out of your way.

In a nutshell, QuartzSource’s best value to you is providing High Quality Quartz in the most Popular Colors at the Lowest Delivered Price while you decide how best to serve your customers and direct your business.