Why Buy QuartzSource?

Lower Costs on High Quality Jumbo-sized Quartz Slabs, Shipped Directly to You. Use your own brand on these QuartzSource slabs, savings for you and your customer. QuartzSource comes in more than twenty innovative colors, click here to view them all!

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QuartzSource offers: Private Labeled slabs to Create Your Own Exclusive Quartz Brand Low Cost Color Matched Quartz Alternatives for Winning Competitive Commercial Bids Digitally Processed Custom Cut to Order Quartz components in Matching or Custom Colors  QuartzSource slabs are made of


QuartzSource costs significantly less per square foot yet our slabs are mostly 20% larger than the similar colors of other popular quartz slabs.  At a guaranteed polished size of 126″ x 63″ and a significantly lower price, our slabs offer tremendous value. With up to


QuartzSource provides custom sized slabs and pre-fabricated blanks, commercial and residential Cut-To-Order projects in QuartzSource and almost any other quartz colors, stainless steel sinks, vanities with ceramic under-mounted sinks packaged for projects or for individual sales. Please contact us for